Berlin Residence

Project Details

Mudanya Berlin Residence consists of 20 regular apartments and 6 roof duplexes, totaling 26 apartments in 2 blocks.

There is parking in the open area of the site. Most of the apartments have a view, the park is in front of the plot and is on the roadside. Uludag University Faculty of Fine Arts is located close to the site.

  • Our apartments have 3m ceiling height.
  • Modern, specially designed 1st class interior and exterior doors are fitted.
  • 6cm outer sheathing has been applied.
  • C30 concrete was used in the construction of our building.
  • 12cm roof insulation has been applied.
  • 1st Class PVC windows are made of comfort glass quality and French windows are fitted.
  • Electric automatic shutter system is installed in the ground floor apartments.
  • Glass balcony railings were used.
  • Garden landscaping was carried out with special travertine blasting stone.

Project Images

Project Location