Frankfurt Villas

Project Details

Frankfurt Villas, 150m away from Demirci Sınav College and built with 32 years of experience from Germany,

  • Consists of 4 villas.
  • Each villa has its own entrances and its own car park.
  • One side of location faces the forest, the other to the park and the other sides are roadside.
  • Each villa has 431 m2 land and 300m2 garden.
  • German insulation starting from foundation with double layer insulation bundling system
  • Floor heating; boiler and mobile system installation
  • Modern, custom designed doors
  • Villa entrance doors are 1st class steel door
  • There will be a large fireplace in the living room
  • Exterior sheathing for 8 cm heat and sound insulation calculated with Bursa climate in mind
  • German brand intelligent automation system, Iphone/Ipad connection camera system
  • First Class Vinyl interior doors
  • Modern and luxurious drywalls
  • Suspended ceiling and styrofoam application between floors
  • Raft foundation
  • C30 Concrete
  • First class balcony and French window applications
  • Aluminum handrail and stair railings

Project Images

Project Location