Milano City

Project Details

Milano City project is built on 5135 m² land with 3 blocks and 41 apartments.

There is outdoor parking, wooden playground, outdoor pool and bicycle parking. The fourth floors are designed as duplexes. There are 3 + 1 regular and 6 + 1 duplex types, totaling 41 apartments.

Quality is a must for us. In our Milano City project, all materials to be used will be in TSE standards and all materials and workmanship in construction will be in first-class quality.

  • The structural carrier system shall be the conventional system in accordance with the latest earthquake regulations.
  • 6cm sheathing system which provides thermal insulation shall be used on the exterior of all blocks.
  • Heat and water insulation of all blocks will be in accordance with the project.
  • The facade of all blocks will be heat-insulated PVC joinery and glazed with thermopane.

A wall that is compatible with the landscape preventing the entrance from the outside into the site will be built.
In addition to the construction earthquake measures, installation safety will be ensured.

  • Materials that comply with TSE standards will be used for electrical installation.
  • Electrical installation in accordance with the electricity project will be installed.
  • The heating systems of the individual sections will be made by individual boiler system.
  • Floor heating system will be applied in all apartments in accordance with the project.
  • The supply and installation of ventilated elevators in accordance with the TSE standards will be carried out.
  • Green areas, pedestrian road lighting, landscape arrangements within the site will be made in accordance with the project and management plan.
  • First Class TSE certified brands will be used in sanitary ware. Appropriate washbasin, bathroom cabinet, shower cabin, and toilet will be used in accordance with the project.

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Project Location

Project Address

30 Ağustos Zafer Mahallesi 59. Sok. No:10 Kayapa Çamlık Mevkii Nilüfer/Bursa