Taham Architecture

We are reshaping the concept of architecture…

With our 32 years of experience, we aim to take Turkish architecture to unprecedented levels.

Through a global network and with the quest for innovative solutions, our young and dynamic design team aims to understand you perfectly, and works toward satisfying your needs with architectural analysis, with the proper use of right products.

Taham Architecture staff offers reliable and quality service at “planning, construction, transformation and renovating” fields.

We have a wide range of planning options for your requests, from residences or offices to hotels or similar structures.

We carry out our planning procedure taking into care people’s dreams, ideas, life goals, special needs and economic conditions.

TAHAM ARCHITECTURE, within the frame of German architecture, produces houses, apartments, and establishments where our customers feel themselves at ease. While doing this, our first and foremost goal is to minimize the damage to the nature by providing sustainable and environment friendly living spaces.

Our services include interior design, construction management and the purchase of necessary materials during and after construction.