Who Are We?

A Success Story

Taham Yapı is a company of German origin with 32 years of international experience and values.

With the mission of changing the understanding of construction in our country together with its different and unique projects realized, Taham Yapı provides added value to the Turkish economy as well as value in the life of our people.

Projects in the Right Area

As Taham Yapı, we continue to build the future with our groundbreaking projects in the construction sector, bringing together the past, present and tomorrow into the future whilst showing respect to humans and the environment. We are always working to develop projects in the Right Area for our people and our country with high-quality new living spaces both in terms of architecture and investment value developed based on idea of the 'future'... Within the framework of this understanding, we carry out our business with passion in the effort of providing modern lifestyles to our people and modern living spaces to our city and our country.

Our vision

To be one of the leading companies in the construction sector with our development-oriented growth approach, working with quality, reliable production, and caring about the happiness of our customers.

Our mission

To serve the quality production understanding, based on long years of experience in the national and international area, with the awareness that residences are versatile living spaces.

Our values

To adopt an understanding of providing reliable and high-quality service.

To create a peaceful and healthy living space.

To be aware of our responsibility towards the environment.

To create different living spaces.